Experience our unpatrolled freedom with our excellent furniture and fittings all fitted and arranged with leisure and relaxation in mind.

Sufficient and careful consideration is given to ensure that the rooms, flats and houses are fitted with superb fencing and security systems and personnel to ensure, although rare an incidence free stay and holiday.

Laundry services are available at a modest cost while repair or replacement of non-functional appliances and repair on broken fittings, such as plumbing, locks, doors and windows takes priority.

To ensure that the holiday environment remains a bright one, our gardening staff is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of lawns and gardens Furthermore our facilities are fitted with electrical appliances such as fridges, TV sets with cable and many more, while plug-inns are available for international electrical sockets on request.

Our innovative approach to providing you with self catering facilities has over the past years of our existence proved to be a huge success as it has improved the experiences of many holidaymakers to the Port City of Walvis Bay for the following reasons:

Self catering accommodation facilities are affordable and cozier than hotels.
The whole family stays within immediate proximity, which further promotes family time and bonding.
The individual family has more control over security and access and exit control.
The ability to prepare your own meals which bridges the gap between the holiday experience and the comfort and convenience of home.

The ability to grab a quick sandwich without being worried about wearing pajamas or getting dressed and visiting a crowded restaurant or venturing into the wider Port of Walvis Bay in search of sustenance
The benefits are plenty! Improve your holiday immeasurably by the convenience which we as a self catering service provide.

Consider a typical holiday in Africa with a family with twin infants and two older children with food allergies or special needs. A packaged holiday to a hotel destination would require the provision of special catering arrangement to accommodate the two older childrens’ dietary needs which will be costly, while preparing babies”bottles in a hotel room is equally challenging.

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